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Faculty and Staff Alumni Engagement Toolkit

The Office of Development and Alumni Engagement collaborates with faculty, staff and departments campus-wide to maximize resources and share alumni engagement efforts.

We have provided resources below but if you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to call our team at 609.771.2598 or email us at You can fill out the Alumni Engagement Campus Partners Form to communicate your needs or to report a recent engagement with alumni. Our Office is located in Green Hall 215.

We look forward to hearing from you! Meet the staff.

Alumni Information and Updates

The Office of Development and Alumni Engagement in collaboration with the Office of Advancement Services oversee and manage alumni records such as alumni names, addresses, graduation years and affinities. They also ensure that this data is distributed and used appropriately and responsibly and is consistent with expressed wishes of the individual alumnus.

Faculty and Staff can request a one-time listing of email addresses to be used to send e-newsletters or other promotional information using the Alumni Information Request Form. This form goes through an approval process involving the Director of Alumni Engagement, The Associate Vice President of Development and Alumni Engagement, and appropriate deans.

All alumni contact information, accomplishments and milestones, or campus participation (e.g. speaking to a class) should be emailed to the Office of Alumni Engagement at or relayed via the Alumni Engagement Campus Partners Form.

Outreach to Alumni

The Office of Development and Alumni Engagement regularly communicate with alumni through email, social media, and other channels. We are happy to partner with you to develop a communication strategy for specific programs or initiatives.

When a department collaborates with the Office of Alumni Engagement on an event, we can support outreach through email communications, social media, and by including the event on the office website and event calendar.

If you post alumni highlights on social media, please be sure to tag our alumni social media handles so we can share.

Instagram: @tcnj.alumni

Reunions, Department Anniversaries and Events

The Office of Alumni Engagement is a great partner and resource in planning your alumni events.

Alumni Weekend is held every spring and attracts around 1,500 alumni back to campus. We encourage departments to consider hosting events on this weekend in order to draw a large crowd and utilize the resources dedicated to that weekend.

In addition to Alumni Weekend, the Office of Alumni Engagement can partner with your department on other events by:

  • Promoting the event on the Alumni Engagement events calendar
  • Sharing best practices in alumni event planning
  • Facilitating email invitations and correspondence
  • Creating online registration forms
  • Managing registration fees and coordinating payments
  • Potentially providing raffle items or small gifts for alumni attendees
  • Providing shared sponsorship including funding and staff, if available

Meet Alumni When You Travel

We invite faculty members to connect with alumni and friends of the college during business travel to conferences, academic or corporate presentations, or while on sabbatical. TCNJ alumni live all over the globe and are very interested in connecting with faculty and students. The Office of Alumni Engagement will help facilitate casual small group or individual meetings. In regions with a large population of TCNJ alumni there may be opportunities to create full scale events as well. Please contact us with your travel dates as early as possible.

Hosting Alumni on Campus

The Office of Alumni Engagement is always looking for opportunities for our alumni to get involved on campus. Our alumni can help with campus projects, host workshops, speak to a class, mentor a student, provide mock interviews, and more. The Office of Alumni Engagement can help by providing alumni contact information, reviewing or recommending an alumni volunteer, coordinating invitations to alumni, and providing a small gift for the alumnus. These initiatives take time to coordinate so please contact us at least four to six weeks in advance. Please be sure to share photos and/or information of any alumni volunteers with our office.

Upon request and approval, the TCNJ Alumni Association will provide up to $1,000 in funding to supplement or support an alumni engagement event hosted by one of the college’s schools or programs. Please complete this form and email it to Juls Zipp, Alumni Engagement Coordinator, at


Alumni Engagement
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